goldcastersFAQimage 372Questions About Our Store

Q: Where are other Gold Casters located?

A: There is only one Gold Casters. Gold Casters has been part of Bloomington tradition since 1984.

Questions About Selling Jewelry

Q: Does Gold Casters purchase gold, diamonds, or jewelry?

A: Unfortunately, we do not purchase jewelry from the general public.  We purchase only from our trusted vendors.  We do take gold on trade towards merchandise in the store.

Questions About Our Services

Q: How long does it take to have a piece of jewelry repaired?

A: The jewelers’ typical schedule is one week. While your jewelry is not being worked on, it is tucked away safely in a vault. Same day service and service while you wait is usually possible as well.

General Questions

Q: Why doesn’t Gold Casters have many sales events?

A: Gold Casters has one storewide sale each year. This is a TRUE sale with REAL savings. You can trust the daily pricing on the tag; and, in fact, we promise that it will be the best price in town. We insist on providing a friendly atmosphere along with clear and fair pricing.