Kaleidoscope Diamond

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The Dream of Kaleidoscope

Brad Lawrence had a dream of bringing a diamond with unrivaled brilliance and fire to Gold Casters.  After years of searching, he found a diamond that could live up to his incredibly high standards. Our Kaleidoscope Diamond owes its unrivaled brilliance and beauty to an 81-facet arrangement formula in the round shape that allows for maximum light return.  Hand selected and certified by Gem Certification and Assurance Laboratory (GCAL), each diamond must earn an “excellent” rating for light return to become a Kaleidoscope.

 The Kaleidoscope Diamond is available in three shapes:  round, princess, and cushion. Each Kaleidoscope Diamond is independently graded by GCAL and rated “excellent” in optical brilliance and light performance.


Our Kaleidoscope round cut features an 81 facet arrangement for its brilliance which allows the cutter to maintain more diamond weight than many other multiple faceted diamond cuts.  This means Gold Casters can now offer you a larger diamond at a better value.


The Kaleidoscope Princess cut is a true masterpiece just like its round counterpart.  The Kaleidoscope Princess is cut with 89 facets versus the 58 facets that most others have.  Our Kaleidoscope Princess displays more fire and incredible brilliance.  Its faceted corners which makes chipping or breaking much less likely than other princess cuts.


The Kaleidoscope Cushion features 77 facets versus the normal 58 facets of other cushion cuts.  These extra facets allow the Kaleidoscope Cushion to deliver unrivaled brilliance and fire.  With rounded corners that differentiate it from princess cuts, it still maintains an elegant pillow shape.


The Kaleidoscope Challenge
At Gold Casters, we believe diamonds should be valued and appreciated first and foremost by the naked eye. Stop in today and take the Kaleidoscope Challenge; compare side by side the Kaleidoscope Diamond with an equally-sized ordinary ideal cut diamond.  Discover for yourself that because of its unique design the Kaleidoscope Diamond has the utmost brilliance and fire.  And discover that now, Brad Lawrence has the diamond you’ve been dreaming of—The Kaleidoscope Diamond.


The Kaleidoscope Difference

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Incomparable Cut 

The Kaleidoscope Diamond stands out in all of its gemological attributes.  It has 24 additional precisely placed facets that allow for more light, sparkle, and brilliance that surpasses any other diamond.

Improved Scintillation – Because of the increased number   of facets, there are a greater number of tiny bursts of light that occur when the diamond, or the light source moves.

Improved Brilliance – More brightness and brilliancy of white light is returned up and out through the crown of the Kaleidoscope Diamond. 

Wider Dispersion – The design of the Kaleidoscope Diamond effectively breaks up more of the white light and releases it as radiant and dazzling spectral colors.

Greater Fire – An astonishing phenomenon is the amazing suite of mesmerizing colored flashes appearing deep within the Kaleidoscope Diamond.